An error ocurred while updating

I tried running in Safe Mode, but same thing happens.

But i have finally got the cd out by using a pin into the small hole in front of the dvd drive, and the same DVD when put in the drive is working fine, My laptop is less than 5 months old and is still under warranty.

Start() Message: Error getting the Egather parser Exception: Message: internal error -2147483648, program abort() Type: Tvsu.

Start Execution() Message: An error occurred while the task: Hello Task executed the process: Hello Processthe message from exception is Error getting the Egather parser Exception: Message: Error getting the Egather parser Type: Tvsu.

The internet connection is no problem - checked it out.

On a T60 running XP SP2 with IE7.0.5730.13CO I am able to launch Think Vantage System Update 3.13.0009 and the Welcome screen displays, but when I click on Next the Searching for agent updates gets to 9% complete and then the following error is displayed: Searching for Updates - An error occurred while gathering user information.

i have Lenovo G500 notebook with i5/8gb/win8 pro/64 bit Yesterday i played a cd which worked fine and ejected.

This issue has occurred first time and had never occurred before. Show Message(String message, String title, String mastheadtext, Message Type t, Boolean check, IWin32Window owner) Message: Showing ERROR Message: Install Driver ......................... Not found IBM Think Vantage Technologies .......... C:\Program Files\Lenovo\System Update\egather\LENOVO_2007WHC_L39N74Z_20080422_12445501Remove Driver .......................... while i was trying to get the latest update i started getting this error ??????????other games getting updates as usual without any problems.

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