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In this chapter, we'll show you how to use nslookup--plus traditional TCP/IP networking tools like trusty ol' ping--to troubleshoot real-life problems with DNS.

Troubleshooting, by its nature, is a tough subject to teach.

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Most DNS servers are schizophrenic - they may be masters (authoritative) for some zones, slaves for others and provide caching or forwarding for all others.

Many observers object to the concept of DNS types partly because of the schizophrenic behaviour of most DNS servers and partly to avoid confusion with the zone parameter 'type' which only allows master, slave, stub, forward, hint).

Diagram 1 DNS Master Master status is defined in BIND by including 'type master' in the zone declaration section of the file as shown by the following fragment.

When a master DNS receives Queries for a zone for which it is authoritative then it will respond as 'Authoritative' (AA bit is set in a query response).

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