Bradley cooper denies dating jennifer lawrence Philipin s ex chat

That's the rumor that started swirling after JLaw and her boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult, broke up last week.

Brad and Jennifer were seen Thursday having dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood, E!

" At the same time, they also compliment each other's talent and personalities nonstop. Here are some of the best things Jen and Coop have said about each other. If you do, like, enough movies with somebody, everybody's like, 'Oh, well, they're dating, obviously!

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It’s odd because Jennifer and Bradley definitely have chemistry and many legitimate reports at Oscar parties were saying that they both had eyes only for each other. He might have been afraid of the publicity and attention he would get if he started dating Oscar winner, Girl on Fire, and America’s Best Friend Jennifer Lawrence.

Online reports, but according to the stars, there is nothing going on.

While there's no denying that they would make a super cute celeb couple, Jennifer and Bradley were asked about their dating status at the Golden's a no-go.

Or he could have just wanted an uncomplicated relationship where he could turn off his brain and let the physical stimulation take over. Maybe Suki Waterhouse has the mind of a rocket scientist.

We know that face well, because we've made it before -- just about every time Jennifer Lawrence opens her mouth.

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