Consolidating data centers gartner

The energy, space and technology problems currently facing data center managers are set to worsen in 2010, according to Gartner, Inc.These issues will continue to plague users in 2010, and data center and IT managers need to find pragmatic ways in which to deal with them.Many IT organisations were faced with little or no capital budget, no additional head count, and growing demand for IT services.To survive, businesses needed to save money or earn every penny by automating processes, finding additional revenue streams, increasing user productivity, and scaling resources up and down dynamically as the market demanded.You’ve seen all of the big statistics around cloud growth.It’s clear that demand for new kinds of data center services continues to grow.Adding a single application typically adds three to five servers to the data center for such things as production, development, testing, and backup.Many of the distributed servers run at very low utilizations.

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The demand for IT as a service, combined with the need to reduce costs, has pushed data centres to the brink of a second transformation.Tools and techniques for managing the energy cost curve include: raising the temperature of the data center to around 24 degrees Celsius, which reduces the level of cooling required; using outside air as an alternative to air conditioning where possible; using hot aisle/cold aisle configurations, blanking and economizers; and using server-based energy management software tools to run workloads in the most energy-efficient way.Energy management can be effective only through advanced monitoring, modeling and measuring techniques and processes.Through it all, cloud providers and data center partners are working around the clock to make their environments as efficient as possible. To maximize their bottom line and to stay competitive.The reality in today’s very competitive data center and cloud market is the one who can run most optimally and cost-effectively while still delivering prime services is a leader in the market.

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