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It would almost be easier to list who among that season's cast didn't know this guy intimately.

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Other housewives include Tammy Knickerbocker (season 2–3), Quinn Fry (season 3), Gretchen Rossi (season 4–8), Lynne Curtin (season 4–5), Alexis Bellino (season 5–8), Peggy Tanous (season 6), Heather Dubrow (season 7–11), and Lizzie Rovsek (season 9).They came close to marrying once but due to his debt, the marriage never happened.Let's see how their relationship is going these days and know if they have decided to wed anytime soon.No, he's merely the latest in a string of men who've done double (or triple, more accurately) duty with the First Ladies of Bravo.We present to you the Tom D'Agostino When Luann first told the ladies about the new love in her life, Ramona Singer immediately piped up, claiming she'd dated him first. Turtle Time and Tom remains a point of contention among the ladies, though.

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