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People have inflated ideas about their own traits and abilities, known as “positive illusions,” which is why it’s not far-fetched to imagine them desiring a partner who shares their likeness. We even have the same initials” says Jerry.“Now I know what I’ve been looking for all these years,” Jerry says. Pairing with people who are genetically similar to us acts as an assurance that our own genetics will be safely maintained and passed on to future generations. Joel Wade, professor of Psychology at Bucknell University, believes we evolutionarily seek relationships with kin to gain assistance with life tasks, which helps us survive, and therefore, preserves our genetic lineage.For example, on episode, "The Invitation," Jerry meets a girl who acts, talks, and looks just like him. We subconsciously want to pass on our own genes, so we search for someone who looks like us to boost our chances of having a child similar to us.Don’t you wish that sometimes you could read your date’s mind? The good news is, while becoming a mind reader isn’t an option, becoming just a little more observant of nonverbal cues may give you some of the answers you’ve been looking for.An amazing 55 percent of all communication is nonverbal, according to the famous research conducted by Albert Mehrabian.

” You replay the whole interaction in your mind, analyzing it over and over again and looking for clues.Clueless Pickup Artists (or PUAs) use Mirroring in wrong ways, and as a result, it sabotages their game.If you mirror a woman too closely, you will get her to take notice, and she will think that you are mocking her.Despite the fact that the participants reported no awareness of mimicry, it still influenced their evaluations of the interviewee.Critically, participants judged the interviewee who mimicked the condescending interviewer to be less competent than the non-mimicking interviewee.

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