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Use YOUR MOUSE to explore the town, work in shops and chat to boys. After we were full on yummy food and great root beer 🙂 we headed out to do some Rock Climbing!The Sportsplex near us was perfect for us because we could just wear our own shoes and they had an auto belay.If you live in an area with some real rocks – go for the real thing!

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Now he's filed a lawsuit against the Housers, the Rockstars, and Take-Two Interactive in the New York Supreme Court seeking (among other things) 0 million in royalty payments Benzies claims he was still owed at the time of his departure.

A class action suit was settled over the unintentional inclusion of "scenes of a sexual nature" in the previous , the all-time best-selling game in the United States.*- - -“There are repercussions for the choices you make,” said Sam Houser, cofounder and president of Rockstar Games.

It was October 2002, and I had been granted a rare interview with the gang behind the blockbuster game franchise: Sam, his younger brother Dan, and their childhood friend Terry Donovan.

Benzies alleges that Rockstar cofounder Sam Houser collaborated with fellow cofounder Dan Houser, Rockstar North, Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two Interactive to entice him to take a six-month sabbatical in 2014 (following the release of Rockstar North's ) and then remove him from the company while he was out on leave.

As a result, Benzies claims he returned last year (on April 1st) to find he was no longer able to get into his office.

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