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And the media duly cooperated by promoting the statistical sham.

For decades American reporters treated the 10 percent claim—a misreading of deviant, pioneering “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey’s discredited research—as fact, using it to “report” huge numbers of alleged homosexuals in society.

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This collection of online resources provides information and tools for caretakers, organizations and communities assuming the responsibility of preventing child sexual abuse.Through basic information on child sexual development, defining sexual abuse, and learning effective strategies we can prepare to take action steps toward prevention.Introduction A person sexually abuses a child when he or she exposes the child to sexual acts or behavior; that child may experience a variety of short and long term reactions as a consequence of that abuse (NSVRC, 2011).Many children who experience sexual violence show physical, emotional, sexual, or verbal signs of abuse.These effects can lead to long-term stress and hardship for the child well into adulthood, and often cause concern for parents, teachers, and other caretakers (NSVRC, 2011).

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